Teacher Pack – Gifted Adolescents

Teacher Pack – Gifted Adolescents




Contents of this information pack:

  • Helping adolescents adjust to giftedness
  • Developing Verbal Talent
  • Differentiating Instruction for Advanced Learners in the Mixed-Ability Middle School Classroom
  • Gifted kids at risk: Who’s listening?
  • Tips for parents: Social experiences of gifted adolescents (2004)
  • Tips for parents: Social experiences of gifted adolescents (2005)
  • Social Challenges For Gifted Adolescents: How They Manage, And How We Can Help
  • Tips for parents: Gifted…and teenage, too
  • Independence and Relationship Issues in Intellectually Gifted Adolescents
  • Radical acceleration: Responding to academic and social needs of extremely gifted adolescents
  • Social and emotional issues faced by gifted girls in elementary and secondary school
  • Adolescence and gifted: Addressing existential dread
  • Developmental Concerns and the Self-Actualization of Gifted Adolescents
  • Gifted children especially vulnerable to effects of bullying
  • Developing Leadership in Gifted Youth
  • Why Nerds Are Unpopular
  • Tips for parents of intense children.
  • Career Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth
  • Meeting The Needs Of High Ability And High Potential Learners In The Middle Grades: A Joint Position Statement Of The National Middle School Association And The National Association For Gifted Children
  • Tips for parents: The real world of gifted teens


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