Lego Robotics 2019: Hobart

Presents LEGO Robotics Working with a partner you will engage in self directed learning to: Design and build LEGO robots Program the robots to obey your commands Improve the robots and programs through experimentation Work towards entering the Robocup Rescue competition (2019 competition dates to be advised)  Suits gifted students grade 4 and up Monthly, [...]

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2019 Ignite the Spark, Fuel the Fire conference, “Collaboration for Differentiation”

The University of NSW, in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education would like to announce the 2019 Ignite the Spark, Fuel the Fire conference, "Collaboration for Differentiation" to be held at UNSW, Kensington on the 27 May 2019. This conference will focus on how leaders and teachers can collaborate effectively to differentiate teaching and learning [...]

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Dinosaur symposium

Dinosaur News from the Royal Society of Tasmania The Royal Society of Tasmania has put together a once-in-a-lifetime program of talks on the latest discoveries about dinosaurs and evolution. We have invited the top dinosaur experts from around Australia to present their recent research on these amazing animals that lived for 165 million years. You [...]

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Supporting Students’ Study Practice

Supporting Students’ Study Practice A seminar for teachers and parents of high ability students  4:30pm – 6:00pm Saturday 23rd March 2019 Venue: Elizabeth College, Hobart Adults – whether parents, carers or teachers – who want to support high ability students to achieve optimal academic results will benefit from knowing about the ways in which high [...]

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Climbing to the Peak

Michele Juratowitch  Highly respected Australian researcher, presenter and author  will facilitate  Climbing to the Peak Study skills seminar for high ability students in years 9-12  9:00am – 4:00pm Saturday 23rd March 2019 Venue: Elizabeth College, Hobart    It is often assumed that high ability students will achieve well, academically.  Unfortunately, many students with heightened intellectual [...]

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